Positive morning thoughts

Inspired by the glorious Vedruss Anastasia from the Siberian taiga, I have recently incorporated a new practice into my life: starting the day with (at least) 15 minutes of positive thinking. It is as simple as it is effective.

As described by Vladimir Megre in the second volume of his exquisite The Ringing Cedars Series, that I recently started re-reading, Anastasia suggests that “it would be good if a lot of people would wake up at an agreed time […] And thought about something good – it doesn’t matter what specifically. What matters is that the thoughts be thoughts of light.” She elaborates:

“You could think about your children, about those you love, and also about how to make things good for everyone. Think like that for just fifteen minutes. The more people do this, the faster the answer will appear.

Time zones on Earth are different because of its rotation, but the images created by the light thoughts of these people will merge into a single, bright, and saturated image of consciousness. The simultaneity of the thinking about the forces of light intensifies each person’s ability many times over.

Think about how good it would be if all children were caressed by the Sun and no one ever upset them. Then think about who you’re going to say something nice to and smile at that day, how good it would be if this beautiful world lasted forever, and what you, you specifically, need to do to make that happen.”

The ‘answer’ Anastasia is referring to answers the question of how to move people across the dark forces’ span of time. She affirms that we can create and perfect the world through the power of our thoughts.

“Any thought produced by man cannot vanish into nothingness. If it is light, it fills the dimension of light and stands on the side of the forces of light; if it is dark, on the opposite side.”

She continues to explain that Man has full freedom to choose and represents a union of opposites, and how the sun is for everyone – “for you and me, for the snake, grass, and flower.”

“But bees use the flowers to get honey, while the spider’s power is to draw poison. Each has its own purpose. No bee or spider would do otherwise. Only Man has a wider scope, only Man can act in more than one way! One Man can rejoice at the first rays of the Sun, while another might curse. Man, you see, can be both a bee and a spider.”

As the dark principles manifested within – and thus without – ourselves are reaching a critical point, it is paramount that we, sooner rather than later, come together and restore paradise on Earth – all as one. This can only be done when the divine sparks within us (the God particles that each and everyone of us was born with) unite and aspire to the light, reconnecting to Mother Nature and the ‘Basic Force’. The answer of how to move people across the dark forces’ span of time “can only be seen through the joint efforts of the particles in different people with opposite thinking.”

“Man is a union of opposites. […] When something significant is created through man, […], there are always two opposites at work. Man exercises freedom of choice. Which he will accept more of depends upon his purity and conscious awareness.”

Though Anastasia suggests to get up at six in the morning to think about something good, I choose to wake up before the sun comes up and align a minimum of 15 minutes of positive thinking with the energy of the sunrise. Here in Aarhus (Denmark) that means that around winter solstice I’m sending out positive thoughts around 8:51, and around summer solstice I’ll be doing the same as early as 4:30.

After sharing this idea with my housemate, he decided to join in, which is supposed to more than double the fun: “Even one is more than none. Two together is more than two.”