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Svalefest 2020

Some five years ago, I followed my heart and jumped into a car that my dear brother Johan had bought literally five minutes prior to our departure, unsure of how this journey towards the north east (a 7 hour drive from Leeuwarden to Aarhus on the A7) would turn out and what the destination would […]

Urkraft Ting

I can happily announce that we will continue to gather in a circle as we’ve been doing in a homely setting in Egå on several occasions in the last year or so. The last few times it became clear we could do with some more space. When we met the lovely tribe of the Holistisk […]

Positive morning thoughts

Inspired by the glorious Vedruss Anastasia from the Siberian taiga, I have recently incorporated a new practice into my life: starting the day with (at least) 15 minutes of positive thinking. It is as simple as it is effective. As described by Vladimir Megre in the second volume of his exquisite The Ringing Cedars Series, […]

Welcome to ΔLΔHΔ.one

Welcome to the new website of ΔLΔHΔ. It was built with the wonderful help of the ever so patient Rhodo from Tien Vijf – many, many thanks! Here I will share my ideas, creations and whereabouts. Thanks for visiting!